I’m finally learning how to sing!

It’s a strange thing that musicians view playing an instrument as a skill that needs to be learned, but somehow the voice is just something you either have or you haven’t. Either you can sing, or you can’t.
Regular readers of my blog will remember me exorcising the demon of my old school music teacher Mr Treble who gave me real issues about my voice. The emails of support I got from fans was wonderful, and it seem that my discomfort with my own singing voice was pretty much all in my head – you lovely people seem to love it! But now I’ve taken the next step and am having professional singing lessons too.
So far they have been great! I’ve already discovered a few bad habits I’ve picked up over the years, and learning techniques to sort them out has given a new lease of life to my voice. As for my breathing technique, well, it’s probably better not to write about that! I’m loving these lessons. I come away with lungs that feel so alive!
The voice is an instrument that needs to be looked after, and played properly – after all, I want to still be doing this in my 60s!