Earthlings – the Film

I am currently listening to the final credits after watching this film. I had heard about it just a couple of days ago and really didn’t want to watch it. It is a film about our human relationship with the other animal species with whom we share this planet, saying that the term Earthling defines each and everyone. I knew it would be very upsetting to watch so put it off. Then I thought, if I’m not even willing to watch this, what does that say about me? Ignorance is bliss as they say, but surely not if that ignorance allows me to still buy into the pain of other living creatures? The producers have put the entire film online for streaming, so I sat and watched it, and I cried, a lot. It has to be the most distressing film I have ever seen. I’m going to have to let what I’ve seen sink in, I’m still shaking, and my eyes sting with tears.

I really think everyone who buys leather products, eats meat, supports scientific medical research, watches horse/dog racing, has a pet, supports hunting, or buys cosmetics, should at least consider spending an hour and forty minutes watching this film, and then see how they feel afterwards.

It’s only human…


Time to Think!

When I wrote the song Only Human I had just finished watching an Horizon program about feral children. The actions of one of the scientists on the program had left me so angry that I had to find a creative outlet for all of that negative energy, and the song was the result.

I didn’t realise at the time what an effect that song was going to have on others who heard it, but I am now understanding that a lot more. A couple of days ago I was sent a link to a video that Lee, a fan of the song, had been moved to create – I think maybe riding a very similar creative energy that caused the creation of the actual song itself. When I watched it, the video, and music together, work beautifully to increase the potency of the song’s lyrics. I do warn you in advance, it’s not easy viewing.

Only Human – (Damh the Bard)
Isn’t it crazy, isn’t it cruel,
That a man can earn millions from kicking a ball,
While for other countries, we role a dice,
For a little clean water and a bowl of rice,
Politicians and empty promises help lessen our pain,
It’s only human

Isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it right,
There’s nothing as worthless as an animal’s life,
But it helps me feel better, when I feel ill,
I can’t taste the pain in this little pill,
A thousand lives given to live just a few more years,
It’s only human.

Cut down a forest for grass that won’t grow,
To help melt the ice caps, to help melt the snow,
We’ll watch the seas rise with nowhere to go,
It’s only human.

Isn’t is holy, isn’t it good,
That people kill people in the name of their God,
A bomb for a Father, a bullet for a Son,
And a smile for the child that carried the gun,
Only one God can be right when all’s said and done,
It’s only human.