Ok, I gave in to Google +

I was a little wary of yet another social network to check but this one looks like it has some legs.

So if you are on Google+, or plan to be when it’s finished beta testing, you can find my account here


2 thoughts on “Ok, I gave in to Google +

  1. I agree, nice clean features, a kind of Linked In that’s much more visual, like Facebook but in Google style like Blogger and Picasa.

    Several friends have asked me to look at their Plus pages but in their excitement to show off this new presentation forget to invite me in.

    So is it possible for you or anyone reading this to invite me into Google Plus? I have had a Google Profile for several years.


  2. I also gave into google+ and am in Dam’s circles – so far I’m liking it and enjoy the way it functions more than facebook. The circles are great in filtering what you share with others (you can individualize privacy for pics and posts). Also can filter stream by circles ect.


    John I’ll see if I can send you a + invite.

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