Spirit of Albion Film Diaries – Day 2

Last Saturday filming began on the Spirit of Albion movie. It was my first time on a film set and I found the whole experience really exciting. We shot my appearance in the film, Pagan Ways, and Green and Grey. It was really very emotional seeing Green and Grey unfold before me complete with Horned God and Priest exactly as I saw it in my mind when I wrote the song.

Here’s the diary of a great day’s shoot!


10 thoughts on “Spirit of Albion Film Diaries – Day 2

  1. This looks fantastic! Looking forward to more video diaries to watch the unfolding of this brilliant film! Blessings to you & all on the journey. A completed film yes…..but who knows where else it may take you! Journeys have a way like that! wink!

  2. Really enjoyed the atmosphere of that. I’m sure the film will reflect the happy way it was made. 🙂

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