Demand me!

The internet is an amazing thing for independent musicians. Whilst the rest of the music industry seems to be in huge difficulties, the web has opened up the playing field and, with the arrival of sites like iTunes, put us on an almost equal footing with the major acts.

Here’s another fabulous tool for us indies.

One of the problems with touring as an indie is that you never know how many tickets you’re going to sell etc. One of the ways to help this is playing home concerts, and I’m imbarking on the first leg of a week home concert tour at the end of May.

Another way is Demand It.

If you want me to come and play in your area, just click on the link below and make a demand of me! When I get enough people, I can then contact you, and let you know where I’ll be playing! How wonderful is that! So, go on, make your demands.

Demand me here!


1 thought on “Demand me!

  1. Well … I’ve made my Demand … still not sure how this works but if it’s numbers that’s needed then I’ll get all my pagan friends to join in on the request. This would be a great thing as for our little oasis here we never get any pagan artists to perform live.

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