Unusual Cover versions…

Proving that nobody should ever DARE me to play a song live. 200 Pagans all singing along and doing the actions – what a laugh that was! I had no idea it was being filmed, but am very glad it was! ROFL! From the Pagan Federation Devon and Cornwall conference this March.

For your enjoyment!


10 thoughts on “Unusual Cover versions…

  1. Huge apologies for not having told you (Ben *will* be thwapped with a haddock) however, it was much more fun actually being there! The shakies are due to the giggles.
    Grateful thanks for your wonderful music,
    Gentle Blessings

  2. I work with toddlers and sing this at the end of every session. Thinking of this will cheer me up if the little darlings have been mis-behaving !!

  3. loved the performance (as always). I was standing near the front and did all the actions to the song. My 5 year old thought it was the funniest thing. Thanks for making his day.

    With more joys to come

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