Where a Kinder World Still Waits for Us

“I challenge you here today, and I recommit to challenging myself, to become a modern bard, to tell the stories of today and record for history what happened at this crucial juncture in time, and to push past our comfort zones into new uncharted territory, because, selfishly, that is where the greatest songs lie waiting, and most importantly where a kinder world still waits for us.”

Eliza Gilkyson

Those who are familiar with my album Spirit of Albion will already know the song, When I become the Moon. This beautiful and evocative song was written by the American folk singer/songwriter Eliza Gilkyson. Now she has revealed herself to be a great speaker when she gave the keynote Speech at the Folk Alliance Convention, February 21.

My friend Philip Carr-Gomm has reproduced the speech on his blog. If you are a folk musician, a songwriter, or have any interest in music that refuses to comply to the 4.5 minute commercial song format, have a look.

To read the rest of the speech click here.


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