A Caged Animal

strum.jpgIt’s been a really quiet Winter for concerts this year – which is probably a good thing as it’s given me time to write and record. But MMMMMMAAAAANNNNN I miss it – I sometimes feel like a caged animal! I’ve got my first gig of the year at a handfasting in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to get back entertaining and playing my songs to people. Then a few weeks after that and its down to Cornwall to see all of my friends at the PF Devon and Cornwall conference. This’ll be the fifth or sixth time in a row playing this particular event and it’s always an absolute cracker – I can’t wait.

Of all things musical I love playing live the most. It’s something I used to dream about when I was a child, almost aching for people to play my music to. So if you come to any of my shows this year, come and say hello so I can thank you for helping to make that child’s dream come true – yes, I can be a soppy bloke (you probably know that by now!).


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